A dynamic martial art for peaceful conflict resolution.

Aikido literally means "the way of harmony with ki". At our friendly dojo we practice ki-aikido – also known as shin shin tōitsu aikido (aikido with mind and body unified). Our classes help develop an understanding of ki (energy, intentionality) to lead opponents by moving together, rather than colliding or fighting.

Using principles drawn from Japanese yoga, the goal of our practice is to have free use of mind and body. We strive to be be natural, effective and harmonious in our actions and interactions with others while developing skills for self-defence and daily life in a safe and co-operative environment.

Join a class to improve your co-ordination and balance, develop flexibility and dexterity, and learn skills that you can use to improve your physical and mental health.

Bob MacFarland doing an aikido throw


Times and fees

Monday Regular class for all levels
First time? See our beginners course
19:00 – 21:00 £25 for 4 weeks
Students, unemployed: £15
Wednesday Intermediate class 19:00 – 21:00 £8 per class or save by paying monthly
Students, unemployed: £5 per class
Saturday Taigi
Advanced practice
10:30 – 12:30 See our monthly rates
4th Saturday of the month Aikido for all
4 hour session for all levels
13:30 – 17:30 £15
Students, unemployed: £10


Monthly rates

  • £50 for unlimited attendance on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning (£30 students, unemployed)
  • £25 for 2 hours per week on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday morning (£15 students, unemployed)

Find Out More

For more information about our classes please fill in the form below, call 01273 323 315 or visit our contact page.

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