Japanese yoga

Shin shin tōitsu-dō – the way of mind and body unification.

Japanese yoga is a study of universal principles of nature and how they can be used to help us in our daily lives. The goal of this way of mind and body unification is to have free use of mind and body, and to be natural, effective and harmonious in our actions and interactions with others.

In Japanese yoga classes we study ki (energy, intentionality) through ki development exercises and performing ki tests – simple, biofeedback experiments that allow us to compare different ways of thinking, moving and being.

This form of yoga was established in the early 1900s by Nakamura Tempu, after studying Karma yoga with an Indian yogi in Nepal while seeking a cure for an illness. A student of his, Koichi Tohei, later applied the principles of shin shin tōitsu-dō to the Japanese martial art of aikido, and founded the Ki Society as a way to continue to disseminate and evolve this holistic art and practice.

Japanese yoga classes

Monday Regular class for all levels
First time? See our beginners course
7 – 8 pm £8 per class or £15 for 4 weeks
Students, unemployed: £5 per class or £10 for 4 weeks
Wednesday Drop in 1 – 2 pm £5
3rd Saturday of the month
Ki intensive
2 hour session for all levels
1.30 – 3.30 pm £10
Students, unemployed: £7

Children's classes