Everyone can do this

The Ki Society provides a variety of programs useful to all ages and abilities. Our membership is diverse – we are neighbors, professionals, students, homemakers, craftsmen, artists, athletes and more. We share a common goal of personal development, to make a positive contribution to our families and communities.

Mind and body unification

Our lives are comprised of the tangible and the intangible. Body is tangible, mind is intangible. To develop our full potential, we study these aspects of our nature as one unified whole.

That which we hold in our mind finds expression in the body. We cannot see the mind directly, yet we can know our state of mind by testing the body using Ki tests.

Ki is living energy

Ki, like mind, is intangible. It can be described this way: the universe is a collection of infinitely small particles we call Ki. When our mind and body are unified, Ki of the universe flows through us freely. Infinitely small and always in motion, Ki is the root of all things.

The Ki Society was founded in 1971 by Koichi Tohei, who developed our training method through a lifetime of study and experience. It is based on the principles of Japanese yoga – otherwise known as Shinshin-tōitsu-dō (the way of mind and body unification).

The common purpose of Ki development and Ki-aikido is to learn how to coordinate mind and body and to apply Ki principles to improve the quality of our daily life.

Four basic principles

1. Keep one point
This is a natural place of physical, mental and spiritual balance. By concentrating on our one point and keeping correct posture we naturally coordinate mind and body.

2. Relax completely
When mind actively calms, body naturally releases all stress and tension. In keeping one point, mind and body relax completely.

3. Keep weight underside
The weight of all objects naturally settles at the lowest place. When we relax completely, our weight also naturally settles underside. We call it living calmness.

4. Extend Ki
Extending Ki is to utilize our living power to the fullest extent. By focusing our mind and body, we can have a healthy and vigorous life.