Koichi Tohei
1920 – 2011


Master Koichi Tohei was the founder of the Ki Society. He developed Ki training, Kiatsu® and Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikido over a lifetime devoted to personal development.

Beginning with Hawaii in 1953, he traveled the world to teach Ki Principles and Mind & Body Coordination.

His extraordinary performance of Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikido arts and his masterful teaching inspired students for over 60 years.



Shinichi Tohei
1973 –


Shinichi Tohei is the president and chief instructor of the Ki Society. He is a dedicated, life-long student of his father, Ki Society founder Koichi Tohei.

He presides at Ki Society HQ in Japan, in charge of teaching, training and the organization in Japan and internationally.

Under his dynamic leadership, the Ki Society has grown dramatically. In addition to over 400 dojos in Japan, there are Ki Society branches in 24 countries.

UK Chief Instructor

Rob MacFarland
1955 –


Robert MacFarland, Chief Instructor of the Brighton Ki Society, began his study of aikido in 1967.

In 1977 he started teaching traditional aikido in Brighton. In 1980 he joined the Ki Society in San Francisco, returning to Brighton to teach Ki principles.

He is currently Rokyudan (6th Dan) in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido and Joden in Ki grade. He has full Ki Lecturer and associate examiner status from the Ki Society HQ in Japan.

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