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Welcome to the Brighton Ki Society

A non-profit educational charity promoting physical and mental well-being through mind and body co-ordination.

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Develop life skills including good posture, mindfulness, meditation, positivity, relaxation and stretching.

We teach Japanese yoga, also known as Shin Shin Tōitsu-dō (the way of mind and body unification).

We also teach Ki-aikido, a dynamic martial art for a peaceful conflict resolution.

At our central Brighton dojo we provide tuition for all ages and abilities.

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What is Ki?

Ki is living power. The power we often think we have – our usual ability – is like the small visible segment of an iceberg, which floats above the surface of the water. We think this is all there is.

But hidden beneath the surface of the water is a much larger part of the iceberg. This greater portion is like the power of our Ki. Only by using the whole iceberg do we activate our full potential.

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By Shinichi Tohei, President and Chief Instructor of the Ki Society

What is the problem?

Jun 28th, 2018
Today, I would like to talk about Ki in the business world. Recently, many representative companies of Japan have asked us for the Ki seminars to educate their executives. More than 20 years ago, most companies that requested Ki seminars of us did so just because it’s unique. But now, companies have a clear vision, and so they are seeking specific results. To ride on the big waves of change, in today’s world, it is necessary to focus on something which has no shape, and not on something that is graspable. This idea will be a big help for you when you think about this kind of effort. For instance, when there is a “problem,” and even though you try everything you can think of, the problem is not solved. What would you think the biggest reason may be? Many people might answer that they feel they lack like “knowledge”, “skills”, or “experiences” to succeed. This may be some part of why they cannot solve the problem, but the biggest thing is they do not understand what the nature of the problem is. When you do not recognize “What is the problem?” correctly, no matter how much effort you make,...

Never Freeze

Apr 7th, 2018
I have been teaching University students for over 20 years. Lately, I have noticed some changes in their feelings, their way of thinking, and their views. However, I do not want to talk about “Things getting worse compared to the students 20 years ago…” There are some better things and some worse things, compared to the students in earlier years. The important thing, is to recognize the differences and lead them accordingly. For instance, I have found that, in recent years, more students freeze when they face something which they have not been expecting. Particularly when they get a strong warning, or when they are corrected, or scolded, by others, they freeze and fail to respond. They might know that they are wrong, but they are so immobile that they cannot even apologize. In most cases, they simply do not know what to answer and so freeze. Unfortunately, some see this as an attitude of indecisiveness or even defiant behavior. This tends to make people frustrated and things get worse. The reasons why students freeze may come from sickness or trauma, but other than that, the reason is the stuckness of Ki movement, as a result of being confronted by...

A Small Stuckness becomes a Huge Stuckness!

Mar 20th, 2018
As an Uchideshi, I used to perform cleanup every day. As a result, house cleaning became a positive habit for me. If you have the habit to clean your home frequently, your rooms will not get dusty. However, when once you leave a small bit of dust, this dust will catch other dusts and soon the room will get completely dusty. Once a room gets very dusty, you need to put out a great effort, both mentally and physically, to clean it up. It’s always better to cleanup when it is very small. The same thing happens in Ki movement. If you ignore a small “stuckness” in Ki movement, it will become a huge “stuckness” later on. A few years ago, I had a student who lost his motivation day by day and finally his Ki movement became totally stuck. He came to see me for advice. He could not find any reasons for his problem, but he had not been well for two months. I asked him to remember what happened during those days. As a result, he recalled one little thing. He remembered hearing that his junior fellow, whom he trusted, had said some bad things about him....

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