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New intake of UK Kiatsu® students applications currently being accepted.

 Personal Kiatsu® School

This one time three year course is taught by instructors of the Oregon Ki Society Personal Kiatsu® School. The school is the first in the world to offer the opportunity to learn Ki pressing techniques and Ki principles as a complete non professional development program for self treating, family and friends only.

Established in 1993 under the guidance of founder Koichi Tohei Sensei, it is the only authorised Personal Kiatsu® school outside of Japan. Kiatsu® is a registered trademark of The Ki Society H.Q. Japan.

The UK Personal Kiatsu® school program entered its 2nd year with Seminar 1 September 27-28.  Our plan is to cover year two in the next approximately two calendar years with seminars about every 6 months, ending with Seminar 5 in fall of 2016.

In addition at the Brighton Ki Centre we hold monthly Kiatsu Intensive practice sessions on the fourth Sunday of each month from 10 am to 4pm. For more details see Kiatsu® tab on this BKS website and calendar.

Thank you. Louis Sloss Oregon Ki Society

Kiatsu® is a registered trademark of The Ki Society H.Q. Japan


Welcome to the Brighton Ki Society

UK Ki FederationBrighton Ki Society is part of the UK Ki Federation, a non-profit organization established to spread Ki Principles and Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido as taught by Master Koichi Tohei.

The UK Ki Federation provides traditional Japanese dojo training environments for students of all ages and abilities. The dojos are led by highly skilled instructors who are certified by the Ki Society in Japan, and receive ongoing instruction to stay current and maintain certification.

The UK Ki Federation is affiliated with Ki Society H.Q. in Japan through our relationship with the Northwest Ki Federation.


Keep one point

This is a natural place of physical, mental and spiritual balance. By concentrating on our one point and keeping correct posture we naturally coordinate mind and body.


Relax completely

When mind actively calms, body naturally releases all stress and tension. In keeping one point, mind and body relax completely.


Keep weight underside

The weight of all objects naturally settles at the lowest place. When we relax completely, our weight also naturally settles underside. We call it living calmness.